~~~~~~ Chapter 9 ~~~~~~~
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"Okay, we're finished.  Where's our space suits we found?"  Asked Sneeky
when they had finished all three of the cat's suits.  
"Over there, next to Cotton," said Cornflake.   
"Wow, we still have more blankets left," said Oreo as she got the suits.  
"You want the helmets, too?"  She asked.  
"Mm, yeah, please,"  Sneeky answered.  
"What are the helmets for?"  Asked Peanut.  
"Here, try them on," she said and  handed them to the cats.  
They pushed and pulled, but the helmets just wouldn't go on.  
"Oh well, never mind," said Posha and handed them back.  
There was a knock at the door.  Sneeky grabbed one of the pistols that
was on the table.  
"Peanut," she whispered, "Open it." Peanut walked over to the door and
rolled open the rock a crack.  Sneeky pointed the pistol at the door.  
"Please, I am a dog, I am supposed to give you a message, don't hurt
me," a voice said from the other side.  
Peanut looked back at Sneeky, she nodded.  He opened the door all the
way and the large, furry creature that was outside slowly crept in.  He
took out a piece of paper and read:  We are going to start a war against
you at 12:00 noon tomorrow.  You are to be at gravel's clearing," the
creature stopped reading, folded up the paper, and sat down on the
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"What are you?" Cornflake asked.  
"I am a dog.  My name is Phoebe.  I came with four other dogs, Ivory,
the head leader, Muff, Tootsie, and Terry.  We are all girls from planet
"Where is Ionneron?" Sneeky asked.  
"It's in another galaxy some where." Phoebe answered.  
"How's your prisoners?" Tabby asked, "Are they still alive?"  
"Yeah, they're fine," he said, "I should go now." Said Phoebe.  
"Okay," They said and showed her to the door.  
"Look you guys, It's really not like us to fight.  Can't we just ask for
Boots and Sunshine back, I mean, they sound pretty nice." Said Patches
when Phoebe left, Oreo and Cornflake agreed.  
"If they want us to leave so much why don't they just give us their ship
and they can take the planet." Said Cornflake.  
"Easy for you to say, you haven't lived on this planet your whole life,"
Posha protested.  
"Okay, okay, so...." Sneaky started to say when all of a sudden they
heard a strange noise outside.   
"What is that?" Said Peanut.  
"I don't know, come on let's go see," said Cotton running outside.  They
followed her.  A spaceship about the size of theirs hovered and then
landed near the cave.  The door popped open and Mr. Beaver came down.
The hamsters ran to him and gave him a big hug.  
"How did you find us?" Oreo asked.  
"We picked up your ship on the radar screen at the lab and hoped you
were still alive," Mr. Beaver answered.  
"Yeah, we're fine thanks to these guys," said Patches pointing to the
"Well why don't we go in and talk," Posha suggested.  
They went in and sat down at the table.  
"So, who are these?" Mr. Beaver asked.   
They told him about the crash and meeting the cats and the dogs taking
over and Cotton getting shot.  
"Well, you had quite an adventure," said Mr. Beaver to the hamsters,
"What are your names?" He asked the cats.  
"I'm Posha,"  
"I'm Peanut,"  
"and I'm Tabby,"  
"Nice to meet you. Are there any others?" Asked Mr. Beaver.  
"Yeah, two, but the dogs have them," said Peanut.  
"We should get to bed now.  You can sleep in Sunshine's room," said
Tabby to Mr. Beaver, "We'll show you the way,"  
"Good night girls," said  Mr. Beaver.  
"Good night," said the cats.  
"Good night," the hamsters called and laid down in blankets and went to
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