~~~~~~ Chapter 8 ~~~~~~~
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"Why did I have to take Cotton?  Why did I have to go to the dogs?  Why
did they shoot her?  All I can do is ask why.  
"Oh God?  Please God, please help her, please?  I am so, so, sorry,"
thought Patches to herself.  Tears rolled down her cheeks, she got up
and went into the dining room and knelt down beside Cotton.  
"Oh Cotton, I'm so sorry, please don't die, please? I don't Know what
I'd, or rather we would do with out you, I miss you're jokes, it's not
the same around here.  
"Burr, It's drafty in here," she looked up at the door, "No wonder, the
door is open," she walked over to it and stepped outside.  She went over
to the ship and looked back at the door of the cave, then it shut, she
ran over to it and tried to move the rock.  It was jammed, she turned
around.  There were the dogs, surrounding her.  They closed in on her
and pulled out there pistols, Patches screamed!
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"Patches, Patches, wake up, wake up,"  
She opened her eyes, the hamsters were standing over her and the light
was on.  
"Patches, it's okay, it was just a bad dream, it's okay," Cornflake was
rubbing Patches' back.  
"Th-they were gonna shoot me the door was jammed and..." Patches was
"It's okay, it's okay," said Oreo, "It's all over now,"  
Sneeky sat in front of Patches and hugged her and rocked her, whispering
"It's okay, it's okay,"  
The cats came into the room, "What's going on?  What time is it?" asked
Peanut squinting from the brightness of the lights.  
"Patches just had a bad dream, she's okay," said Sneeky, Patches wiped
her eyes, her fur was wet and she was cold.  
In the morning, after everyone woke up again Oreo checked Cotton's
"It's, it's, normal.  Her breathing's normal!"  she shouted, Patches ran
over to them, knelt down next to Cotton and stroked her head.  Then
Cotton opened her eyes.  
"She's alive, she's alive!"  announced Patches.  They all ran over to
them and Patches hugged Cotton.  
"Uhg, what happened?" She asked.
"It's a long story,"  Said Sneeky.    
Cotton tried to sit up, "I can't feel anything," she said.   
"I gave you a shot to stop the spreading, it must have numbed you, too."  
"How long will it last?" Asked Peanut.  
"Probably, about an hour or so,"  Oreo answered.  
"Perfect, that will give us just enough time to get our weapons and
armor ready.  The war will start when we're finished," said Sneeky.  
"What, finished dead?  You saw what they did to Cotton, one person gets
hit and we're all dead!" Patches said angrily.  
"Look, we all agreed that we weren't gonna let the dogs take over.
Besides, what about Boots and Sunshine?  We can't forget about them,"
said Tabby.  
"It's okay," said Cotton, "I'm ready to fight, as soon as I get my legs
back that is, I'm hungry, got any soup?"   
"Sure do, what kind?  We've got chicken noodle, fish grub, and turkey
stew," said Peanut.  
"I'll have chicken noodle please,"
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"Okay, coming right up," she said.  
"No way you don't, last time you tried to cook, the stove practically
blew up," said Posha, "I'll cook," He got out a can and pot and started
Everyone except for Posha and Cotton were helping Sneeky get ready.
When the soup was done Posha gave some to Cotton and started helping,
They used the blankets as the cloth for the armor.  They took one, cut
it to fit the cats and took another piece and cut it the size of a plate
from the ship and sewed the two pieces together and did the same to the
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