~~~~~~ Chapter 10 ~~~~~~~
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In the morning after breakfast they all showed Mr. Beaver Crater's Edge
and Gravel's Clearing and went back to the cave.    
"Well, I suppose..." Patches started to say, but the door started to
open.  They all looked.    
"Boots? Sunshine?" Tabby said in surprise.    
"Hey guys what's up?"  Boots asked.    
"Wha, how, where'd you come from? I thought," said Peanut.    
"The dogs let us go.  They decided to leave,"  said Sunshine.    
"You mean we get to stay here?" Said Posha, "Yeah Hoo!"    
"Ahem," Sneeky cleared her throat.    
"Oh, this is Patches, Sneeky, Oreo, Cotton, and Cornflake," said Tabby
pointing to them, "They helped us get you back,"    
"Well, we really should be going now," said Mr. Beaver.  They went
outside and to the ship Mr. Beaver came in.    
"Well I guess this means good-bye," said Patches sadly.    
"We'll never forget you," said Peanut.  They hugged each other and
boarded the ship.    
"Nice meeting you," said Cornflake to Boots and Sunshine before getting
"Wait!" Sneeky yelled and ran off the ship.  "I want you to have this,"
she said handing her watch to Tabby and ran back on the ship.  Tabby
looked at it and they waved until they could no longer see the ship.    
When they finally reached earth again and got off the ship all their
friends family, and the animals at the center were there to meet them.
~~~~~~ Prologue ~~~~~~~      
In the end Oreo became head chef at a restaurant near the space center,
Sneeky and Patches became astronomers at the center, Cotton worked with
Mr. Beaver teaching young astronauts, and Cornflake became a teacher at
an academy and later retired and got married.     
~~~~~~ The End ~~~~~~~
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