~~~~~~ Chapter 7 ~~~~~~~
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"What was the real reason you wanted to come here?" asked Cotton.  
"Follow me, I'll show you."  
"Hey, this is the short cut to that awkward space ship we passed on our
way back from Crater's Edge," said Cotton.  
"Shh, listen," Patches whispered as they hid behind a big rock.
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"We've got to get them off this place," said a deep voice, Patches
looked around the rock.  "It's them, the dogs," she whispered, "There's
four of them,"  
"Look captain, it's one of them, behind the rock,"  
"Run!" Patches yelled.  They got up and started running, but it was too
"Ahhh," Cotton groaned.  
"Cotton, Noo!" She screamed, and started to run.  
"What have I done?  What have I done?  I've killed her, she's dead, I've
killed her," thought Patches.  
Patches' mind was racing just as fast as her little legs, she ran as
fast as she could.  
"Help!  Help!" she started yelling when she neared the cave.  By this
time she was crying hard, everything was blurry and she could hardly
When she got there the rock door was already open so she ran in.  
"Help!  Help!" She screamed.  
"Patches, what's wrong?  Your hysterical," said Cornflake surprised.  
"Cot, Cot, Cotton!  Th-th-they shot her and it's all my fault," she
"Whoa, slow down girl, it's all right," said Tabby.  
"No, no it's not, come on!  We got to go I'll explain later!"  
"Go where?" asked Cornflake.  
"Just follow me, come on we don't have much time!"   
They all ran outside.  Patches ran ahead. She was still shaking.  When
they got to Cotton her eyes were shut and she was hardly breathing.  
"Oh my gosh, what happened to her?" Oreo asked.   
"The dogs shot her, when I went out to get the plates I decided to see
if they came back to their ship," said Patches.  
"How are we gonna get her home?" asked Cornflake.  
"Well someone could climb on my back and.." Tabby started to say but
Posha cut her off.  "Why don't you just carry her in your mouth?" He
"Or we could do that, yeah," said Tabby.  
When they got her home, Tabby set her down in the blankets.  
"Now what?" asked Oreo.  
"You're the nurse," said Patches.  
"Okay, there's an emergency medical kit in one of the cupboards in the
spaceship, hold on I'll be right back," she said.  
She went out to the ship and started digging through the broken pieces.  
"Oh gosh, here it is, and my medical bag.  Oh jeez it's horrible," Oreo
said to herself and went in and sat beside Cotton.  
"Did you find anything?" asked Cornflake.  
"What's left of it anyway," Oreo answered.  She emptied the contents on
the floor.  
"There's nothing to fix, there's no bullet hole or anything," she said.
She picked up her stethoscope and checked Cotton's breathing.  
"Her breathing's low and...  Wait, what's this?" said Oreo.  
"What's what?" asked Patches.  
"It's some sort of mark, I don't know,"  
"What, let me see," said Tabby.  They all crowded around.
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"It's an acid that the dogs have in their pistols.  It goes through the
veins and once it gets to the brain, well, that's it," said Posha.  
"Patches, are you Okay?" Asked Cornflake.  
"Uhg, yeah, I just got to lie down," she said.  
"You can take my bed," said Peanut, "I'll show you where it is,"  
"Thanks," said Patches, she followed Peanut down the cave.
Oreo dug through the contents next to her.  
"What are you looking for?" asked cornflake.  
"My needle case," she said, "Ah here it is,"  
She opened the plastic box and took out a needle and a small bottle with
a brownish liquid in it and carefully poked it into Cotton's vein where
the acid was spreading.
"Now what?" asked Sneeky.
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"Now we wait," said Oreo.  
"But what if it doesn't work?" asked Posha.  
"It will, It should, If it isn't any better by tomorrow morning than it
didn't work," said Oreo.  
"What does it do?" asked Cornflake.  
"It's supposed to stop the acid from spreading to the brain," said Oreo.   
"We should eat now, we didn't have any lunch, we should be starved,"
said Tabby.  
"Yeah, I totally forgot about how hungry I was," said Oreo.  
They all sat down at the table except for Oreo and Tabby.  
"I'll get dinner," said Oreo.  
"No you won't, you're exhausted," said Tabby, "I'll make dinner,"  
"Thanks, but I'm making breakfast," Oreo said back as she sat down at
the table.  
Peanut came into the room.  
"Oh hi, you're just in time for dinner," said Sneeky.  
"Great, I'm starved, what are we having?" He asked.  
"Beans and franks," said Tabby.  
"Man, this place is just as modern as our planet," said Patches as she
came into the room.  
"I thought you were going to bed," said Sneeky.  
"Mm, yeah, but I decided not to, I'm feeling better, and, anyway I was
hungry," she said.  
"Oh jeez, I just remembered, Boots and Sunshine are still there, at,
with the dogs, we've got to help them, if they're still alive," said
"Of course they're alive," said Posha, "they've got to be,"
When dinner was ready Tabby dished up their food and sat down to eat.  
"After dinner I'll get the plates and we'll start first thing in the
morning to get ready," said Sneeky.  
So when they were done eating that's just what she did, she got as many
as she could find.  
At eight o'clock PM they went to bed, the hamsters in Boots' room since
Cotton was sick and the others in theirs.  
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