~~~~~~ Chapter 6 ~~~~~~~
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In the morning when the hamsters woke up Tabby, Peanut, and Posha were
making breakfast.  
"Good morning," said Cotton," What's cooking?"  
"Gooble burgers," said Peanut.  
"Excuse me, what are gooble burgers?" asked Sneeky.  
"They're light brown patties.  See?" said Posha.  They all looked.  
"Oh you mean pancakes." said Cornflake.  
"What?  What are pancakes?"  They asked.  
"On our planet they are called pancakes," said Oreo.  
"Oh, well help yourself," said Peanut as he handed them their plates.
They walked over to the table and sat down.  
"Did Boots and Sunshine come home last night?"  Asked Patches.  
"Oh no, they didn't," said Tabby and he got up and ran to the door.  
"What are you doing?"  Posha asked.  
"We've got to find them," said Tabby as he rolled opened the rock door
and ran outside, the hamsters and Peanut and Posha ran after him.  
"Wait stop," they said.  He stopped.  
"Let's explore some," Oreo suggested.  
"Okay, let's go down to Craters Edge, that's a pretty neat place,
besides we might find Boots and Sunshine," said Peanut. The planet is
dark like most planets, but this one has plants, green, pink, purple,
red, and orange.  
When they got down to Craters Edge the hamsters looked down.  
"It's so far and steep, how could any one get down there and be able to
get back up?" asked Cornflake.  
"You don't actually go down there," said Posha.  
After exploring and finding nothing really interesting they decided to
take a different root home because the hamsters wanted to see how bad
their ship really was.  
After walking awhile they came to a different abandon spaceship.    
"What's this?"  Cornflake asked pointing to it.  
"I don't know," said Tabby, "I've never seen it before.  I mean it
wasn't here before..."   
"And it's not ours," said Patches.  
"Come on, let's go before whoever this belongs to comes back for it,"
said Posha.  
They went straight home but when they got there the door was open and
there was a note on the table, Sneeky shut the door and Peanut read the
note out loud:  
                  "If you ever want your friends 
                     back then leave this planet 
                                 The dogs.  
"Oh no let's get out of here!" Said Peanut excitedly.  
"Calm down, I have an idea," said Sneeky, "We'll go to our spaceship,
there are some laser pistols and other weapons, there's lot's of stuff
we can use for protection, this means war!" she shouted.  
"Yeah!" They yelled.  
"We're not gonna let them take our planet with out a fight!" Tabby
shouted joining Sneeky.  
"No!" they yelled.  
The hamsters went to their space ship while the cats cleaned up the
breakfast dishes.  
The hamsters found five extra space suits, three pistols, and the
blankets, they went back to the cave.  
"Every thing was smashed, including the thing to get Mr. Beaver," said
"Well, what have we got?" asked Posha.  
"Five extra space suits that will only fit us, and three pistols,"  
"What are the space suits for?" asked Oreo.  
"Protection, they may not be much but they're thick," said Sneeky.  
"Yeah," they said.  
"We also found some..." Sneeky started to say.  
"Hold it!  I just got an idea!" said Patches excitedly.  
"What is it?" They asked.
"Well, if we take the broken parts of the ship and put them as breast
plates, you know, like the king's nights do, if they shoot at us it will
just ricochet and won't hurt us," she said.  
"Splendid idea," said Sneeky.  
"Well, real splendid for you guys but what about us, all we's got is
these pistols," Posha complained.  
"Ah yes, I almost forgot, the blankets, we could use them as armor for
you and then put the plates under them!" said Sneeky.  
"I'm going out side to get the ship pieces, I'll be right back," said
"Not by yourself, I'll go with you," said Cotton.  
"Okay thanks," said Patches.  
"Be careful," said Cornflake.  
"We will-bye," they said as they opened the door and left.  
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