~~~~~~ Chapter 5 ~~~~~~~
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By eight PM everyone was awake including Cornflake.  Patches felt better
after she had some soup that the mysterious shadows gave them.     
"Who are you?" asked Cotton, "and how did you find us?"  
"We are cats, my name is Tabby and this is my cousin Peanut and this
place is catstop,"
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"You're kidding right?" Asked Sneeky.  
"No why?" Peanut asked.  
"Yes we made it!  We actually made it!"  They jumped up and started
dancing around in circles.
"We did it, we did it, I can't believe we did it, Mr. Beaver will be so
proud!"  Said Cotton.  
"Uh excuse me, did we miss something?" Tabby asked confused.  
"Oh, well, you see," said Cornflake, "We came from a place called earth
and we were supposed to find and explore Catstop but we crashed and
ended up here,"  
"Well any way how did you find us?" Asked Oreo.  
"We heard the crash," said Tabby, "and went out to see what it was. When
we found you girls were there we decided to bring you here and see who
or what you were,"  
"Can we do some exploring now?" asked Cornflake.  
"Are you crazy?  What do you have some death wish or something?"  
"Hmm?" said Cotton confused.  
"Now Posha, they don't know, how would they? they just got here," said
"This is Posha he's my brother" said Tabby.  
"What does he mean by a death wish?" asked Cornflake.  
"Well you see," said Posha, "There have been these creeters,"  
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"Round furry monsters that only come out at night and try to attack
anything it can see, pretty scary things they are," said Tabby.  
"May I continue please?" said Posha, "Not only do they do that but smell
horrible and have this nasty stuff they slime things with.  Pretty gross
things they are,"   
"Hey Peanut, where's Sunshine and Boots?" asked Tabby.  
"Mm, I'm not sure, I think they said something about going down to
Craters Edge," he answered.  
"Craters Edge?  This late?" said Tabby.  
"Oh no!  We have to find them!"   
"We can't it's too late, besides they know how to find there way back,"  
"Yeah, true,"  
"Who is Sunshine and Boots?" Asked Cornflake.  
"They're Tabby and I's sisters" Posha said.  
"Speaking of late, we'd better get to bed if we want to get up early
tomorrow, it's going on ten," said Sneeky.  
"How can you tell?" asked Tabby.  
"Well you see this?" she said as she held out her paw.  
"Yeah, what is it?"   
"It's called a watch, it tells you what time it is.  See this is the
hour hand it tells you what hour it is.  And this here is the minute
hand, it tells you what minute it is," Sneeky explained.  
"Oh neat," they said.  
"Hold on, let me get you some blankets and pillows so you don't get
cold," said Peanut.  
When she came back she put them down and they crawled in them, they said
good night and went to bed.  
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