~~~~~~ Chapter 4 ~~~~~~~
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Patches opened one eye, she could see a dim orange light that flickered
and a shadow moved across a wall, Sneeky, Oreo, and Cotton were laying
down beside her, but where was Cornflake?  The shadow moved again.
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"Cornflake? Cornflake is that you?" she whispered, her head was heavy
and it hurt.  
"Ssshhh," purred the shadow, "rest now, you and your friends had a
horrible crash,"  
"But Cornflake, she's back there.  Did you not see her?"  
"She must have been covered by bits of your demolished ship,"   
"You must get her, you've got to,"  
"I can't, what if you leave?  I have to talk to you and you're friends,"
The shadow sat next her.  
"Leave?  Leave? I can't even move let alone leave!  Is the ship far?  
"Please, please get Cornflake, you've got to!"  Patches tried to sit up
but a paw from the shadow pushed her back.  Then something similar to
the shadow appeared in the doorway.  Patches looked at it.  It had
something in it's mouth.  Then it walked over to them and dropped it
next to Oreo.  
"I found him..." it started to say, but Patches interrupted.  
"Her, we are all hers,"  
"Okay, sorry, her near the ship", it continued.  
"Cornflake, oh you found her, oh thank you so much,"  
"Go back to sleep," said the other one and she did.  
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