~~~~~~ Chapter 3 ~~~~~~~
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Three days had passed since Mr. Beaver called.    
It was around four o'clock.    
"Just one more hour and we'll be in space," said Sneeky.    
"Yeah, I can't wait," said Patches.    
"This is so cool, I can't wait," said Cotton,  "I heard a joke one time,
my friend told me.  It's kind of dumb but here goes, what is someone
called when they go to space and eat to many nuts?  An astronut," they
Oreo was helping Cornflake with her experiments and Cotton, as you know,
was telling jokes to Sneeky and Patches.    
"Just ten more minutes, Oreo, Cornflake, come quick," said Patches.    
They came, and soon enough they were there, there was a big cheer and
Mr. Beaver called, they put him on screen.    
"Well girls congratulations, you're finally there,"    
"Oh ho ho, it's not over yet," said Sneeky and she was right all of a
sudden the ship started to shake and there was a beeping noise, the fuel
light lit up and they lost contact with Mr. Beaver.    
"We ran out of fuel, how? We're gonna die, no we can't, Oreo still has
to become head chef, we can't die now!"    
"Cotton, calm yourself, we'll be all right," said Cornflake.
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Cotton was going mad, Oreo was looking out the window, Sneeky was trying
to steer the ship, and Patches was trying to get their teacher back, it
was no use, the ship went down and crashed on a planet.  By then the
crew was unconscious.
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