~~~~~~ Chapter 2 ~~~~~~~    
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Oreo was the first one up.  She went into the kitchen and got out the
pancake mix and made pancakes for breakfast.  
"Mmm, what smells so good?"  asked Cornflake.  
"I made pancakes for you guys,"    
"Thanks, want me to wake up the others?"  
"No thanks, that's okay, they can eat when they get up,"  
"Okay, need any help?"  
"Yeah, actually, could you set the table please?"  
"Sure," and she got out the dishes and set the table.  
"Aahh, mmm, what's that delicious smell?"  Cotton yawned.  
"Pa..." Cornflake tried to say but she cut her off.  
"No, wait let me guess, pancakes right?"   
"Mm hm, how'd you know?" Asked Oreo.  
"My mom used to make them all the time for my brother and I, boy they
were good," said Cotton.  
"You had a brother?"  They asked.  
"Yeah, his name was Chiefy," she answered.  
"What happened to him?"   
"Oh, I don't know,"   
"Hm, is Patches and Sneeky still sleeping?" asked Cornflake.  
"Yeah, they were up late last night,"  
"Eleven o'clock," Sneeky was in the door way.  
"Oh, good morning Sneeky," said Cornflake.  
"Mornin," said Cotton.  
"Hello Sneeky, breakfast is ready" said Oreo.  
"Good morning everyone," they all sat down and Sneeky took a bite.
"Mmm, this is great!" she said.  
"Yeah you should be a cook instead of an astronaut," said Cornflake.  
"Hm, thanks,"  
"No, I'm serious, after we come back from space,"  
"I'm going to be a space teacher like Mr. Beaver," said Cotton.  
"Hm, I'm going to be, to be, I don't know what I'm going to be." Said
"Be for what?"  
"Oh hi Patches you're finally up, we were just talking about what we
were going to be after we come back from space.  Have a seat." said
"Thanks, morning guys."
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"Good morning," they said.
Patches took a bite, "Oh yum this is great, better than great, it's
wonderful! You should be a cook when you get back,"  
"Ha ha ha, that's what I told her," laughed Cornflake.  
"Girls it's ten o'clock get back to work," It was Mr. Beaver on the
space control screen.  Sneeky ran to it and turned on the screen so she
could see him.
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"Mr.  Beaver, hi we're having a great time, the food is wonderful, the
bedding is nice and we're all getting along great, and Oreo is an
awesome cook."   
"Well, sounds like everything is going fine so I'll let you get back to
work again.  I just wanted to get you back to work on time,"  
"No wait!  Stop!  Don't leave yet!" Shouted Patches, and they all ran to
the screen.  
"Looks like they all want to talk to you,"  
"Hi ya teach!  How's it goin' ?"  Cotton usually kidded around with him
a lot, but he didn't mind.  
"Hi girls, I hear everything is going nicely?" He said.  
"Yup," they answered.  
"Well then you and I have to get back to work, be careful, okay?" he
"Sure we will," they said.  
"Okay, bye now," 
"Bye," they said and signed off.  
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