~~~~~~ Chapter 1 ~~~~~~~        
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The five hamsters were lined up in the office of Mr. Beaver, space suits
on and ready to fly.  They were going to be the first hamsters to fly
into space and explore a new planet called Catstop and come back alive.
The names of these hamsters are Patches, Sneeky, Oreo, Cotton, And
Mr. Beaver walked in, "Okay girls are you ready?"        
"Yes sir," they said.        
"Follow me," They went down stairs, Through the lobby, outside, and to
the spaceship.        
"Well girls this is it," he said gloomily.  They each gave him a little
hug and started their way up the ladder.         
When they got into the spaceship Mr. Beaver ran to the space control lab
and started the count down.  "Five, four, three, two, one, Blast-off!"
There was a huge cheer as the spaceship shot into the air.  They were
finally on their journey, Sneeky pilot, Patches copilot, Oreo nurse,
Cotton reporter, and Cornflake experimenter.        
"I'm hungry," said Patches.        
"You're always hungry," said Sneeky joking.        
Cotton giggled, I'll get you some food," She said, "What would you
"Hmm, how about some water and cookies please." She answered.        
"Sure, would anyone like anything else?" She asked.        
"No thanks Cotton, I think we're all set" Said Cornflake. Cotton got
patches her food and went back to her work.        
"Thank you Cotton, this is good."        
"You're welcome," said Cotton.        
Suddenly there was a big bang.        
"Yowee, what was that?" Cotton asked.        
"Oops" said Cornflake, "I accidently mixed to much powder with that
weird sticky liquidy stuff and it blew up,"        
"Are you okay?" asked Oreo.  
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"Yeah but I think I stepped on a piece of glass from the test tube, that
blew up, too sorry guys."        
"That's okay," said Sneeky, "I'm just glad you're okay,"        
Oreo took Cornflake into her office, washed off the cut, and put a
bandaid on it.        
"You'll be fine," said Oreo.  They went back into Cornflake's lab and
started to pick up the mess.        
"Good thing we're not in space yet," said Patches.        
"Oh?  Why is that?" asked Sneeky.        
"Well because if we were everything would be floating including the
smashed test tube pieces and the stuff that was in them."        
"Oh yeah and when we get to space we have to eat that strange 
"We have to eat that strange food even on our journey up to space."        
"Because when we get there, oh wait never mind that won't happen, I was
thinking of something else. Besides that's the only food we have,"        
"That's the kind of food Cotton gave you?"        
"Yeah,"        ham003.jpg (12868 bytes)
"Oh, was it good?"        
"It was delicious.  Want me to get you some?"        
"One minute.  Cotton, Cornflake what are you doing?" No one answered,
"Oreo?" Still no answer.        
"I'll be right back," said Patches.  She went into Cornflake's lab no
one was there.  She went into Oreo's office, no one was there either.
She checked the sleeping quarters. There they were curled up next to
each other asleep. Quietly she tiptoed out and went back to her seat.        
"They're asleep," she told Sneeky.
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"Mmm, thought so."         
"Want some food now? I'm going to get some,"        
"Yeah sure, and then we'll go to bed,"  Sneeky put the ship on auto
pilot and they went into the kitchen.        
"Hmm," said Sneeky, "what should we have?"        
"Mmm, I know, how about a peanut butter sandwich and chocolate chip
cookies?" asked Patches.        
"Sounds good to me, got any milk?"        
"Sure do," They made their sandwiches, got some cookies and milk and sat
down at the table.        
Sneeky took a bite, "Oh yum this is great."        
"Mmm, this really is good,"        
"I can't believe we're actually going into space after all these years,"
said Patches.        
"Oh I know, and you know the best thing about it though?"        
"We're all with our friends!" They said together and then laughed.          
"Come on let's go to bed,"        
They went in the bed room, lay down in the blankets and fell asleep.
The spaceship has six rooms, a bedroom that has a big window and on the
floor there is a big pile of blankets that they sleep in.  They also
have a experimental room that has a lab table with test tubes and
bottles and potions, this room also has a window in it.  then their is
Oreo's office that has several cupboards with bandaids and peroxides.
Oreo, since no one usually got sick often, would either read, help
Cornflake with her experiments, give Cotton ideas to report about, or
talk to Sneeky and Patches , but she always had something to do.  Cotton
would sit at her table in back of the pilot and copilots seats and talk
or tell jokes to Patches and Sneeky, they didn't mind, in fact they
enjoyed it.  Sometimes if Cotton had a good topic to write about, she
would.  There is the cockpit, it has thousands of buttons and levers, it
also has a radar screen and a screen that Mr. Beaver, their space
teacher, could talk to them on.  And last there is the kitchen that has
a fridge and freezer, a table and chairs, cupboards filled with food, a
stove, and also a w indow.
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