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  • Embedded software consultant

July 2018 - Recently helped out a 100-year old European company that makes embedded systems for industrial building monitoring, they had Ethernet/networking problems with an embedded TCP/IP stack, ARM CPU with separate Ethernet PHY, IAR compiler. See the development setup here

  • 2011 - 2019 - Technology Operations Manager at Normandeau Associates

Normandeau Associates has specialized in environmental and public involvement consulting for over 40 years. From offices nationwide, we work in partnership with industry, governmental agencies, energy providers, and the public. We develop solutions that enhance economic development, meet regulatory requirements, monitor, protect, and restore our natural resources, and improve communities.

I'm responsible for the development and deployment of specialized data collection systems collecting thermographic video, audio, and ultrasonic audio of birds and bats, usually in the vicinity of wind turbine farms and on offshore structures. This includes SCADA interfaces controlling turbine operation using Modbus and DNP3 protocols.

See my project to alert wind turbine farms when the endangered California Condor comes too close, so they can shut down. See

Moved a large website for Federal and State government projects to Amazon AWS Cloud, see

  • Specialties:
    • Software Engineering Management - whether you are starting a team from scratch, or growing a team, I can help. Creating an environment that promotes productivity and that provides proper respect for your talent enhances all aspects of product delivery. Promoting quality through the pursuance of ISO-9000, CMM, etc., is often neglected, but is REQUIRED for your company to be successful.
    • Embedded software development and hardware integration, client/server networking applications using specialized data protocols.
    • Product Management - Coordinating the business and engineering requirements to ensure the proper product is built and effectively delivered to the marketplace.
    • Business Development - The most exciting products promote relationships with other companies and organizations. Often this means engineering collaboration with the business partners - developers toolkits, API's, and custom development. I have led these sorts of activities at many companies, and including activities in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

We are based in Alachua, Florida, just north of Gainesville.

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