Jeff Bernstein's descriptions of the

different GCC/T.124 documents on this site.

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Sorry for the confusion. Here's a description of what the various versions of

T.124 are.

In the 't120docs' directory:

..../ -- This is the 'final' T.124 that was submitted in Geneva in 1995

for approval. This is now out of date (additional corrections were made prior

to official publication).

..../ -- This is a slightly modified version of that accurately reflects what the ITU-T actually published (there were a few corrections made prior to publication). However, this is NOT the actual published standard. The official published version of T.124 can be found at the ITU-T web site (for a fee). For copyright reasons, the IMTC can't post official ITU standards. Note that this version does NOT reflect corrections to

errors that have been found since the time of publication.

The next three files include additional corrections to the published T.124. These are corrections that were approved by the Q10/8 rapporteur's group (now the Q3/16 group) for inclusion into the "T.120 Implementor's Guide." The implementor's guide exists for the purpose of documenting corrections and clarifications to the T.120 standards, but is not itself a standard, nor is it

an official ITU-T document. For practical purposes however, the version that includes the corrections in the latest implementor's guide can be considered the 'most correct' version. The latest implementor's guide can be found in ....imtc-site/IMPGUIDE/ Most of the corrections to T.124 were fully backward compatible with an implementation based on the published version

.. As far as I know, the few corrections that were not backward compatible have

been included in actual product implementations.

..../ -- This included the first set of corrections and is now out of


..../ -- This included the second set of corrections and is now out

of date.

..../ -- This is the most up-to-date version of T.124 and includes all of the corrections that have been documented in the T.120 Implementor's Guide. Again, this is not the official published standard, but is the rapporteur group's understanding of the 'most correct' version. As a developer, this is the version to use at this point.

In the 't120_geneva97' directory:

..../ -- This is a proposed new version of T.124 that includes both the corrections from the T.120 Implementor's Guide (it was derived from, as well as additional new functionality. At the Geneva SG16 meeting next week, it is expected that this will be Determined for approval. This means that at the next SG16 meeting, it should be Decided (approved) and published by the ITU-T as the second official version of T.124. At this point,

it is likely that additional changes will be made to this document prior to its

final approval.

I hope this is more clear.

- Jeff Bernstein :-)