Here's some pix of Charlie on the road.

new1.gif (2760 bytes) NEW PIX July 6 !

Just got these ones back from when Cholly visited us here in No.Florida, this luddite (me, not Charlie) still doesn't have a digital camera.   The pix have the date April 18 on them, that's usually within a day of being correct.

Charlie at his most alert.


About to hit the road again.


Just before Grady the cat took off after Charlie.




The two pix below are from John Hausman (JohnHausman at charter dot net) who took them in early June near San Luis Obispo, CA., thanks John !


5/1/04 Man making baseball bike tour makes a Beaumont stop

4/29/04 These ones courtesy of Todd Fogal in Texas (his email is Todd at toddfogal dot com).

Todd's group's website is


(Clarification, this is NOT Charlie's bike for the trip ! It's one of the other guys')